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    X ray protection is a matter of concern to doctors and the most easily neglected problem. X rays are often harmful to operators in some instruments. But few people can really understand the relevant knowledge of protective products. Now let's talk about some knowledge of X ray protection.
    1. Wear of X ray protective clothing.

    In many hot concepts, X ray protective clothing can be used for a long time or even more than ten years. But whatever it is, it can be damaged if used, and so is protective clothing. On the one hand, lead rubber, the main material of protective clothing, will aging, leading to lead powder detachment; on the other hand, due to improper maintenance and years of wear and tear, in folding, wear and tear may cause radiation leakage.
    2, the use period of X - ray protective clothing
    The normal use period of X - ray protective clothing is 4~5 years, but attention should also be paid to routine maintenance. After the use is properly managed, there are special personnel records. After wearing them, they should be placed according to the requirements. In any case, for each type of protective clothing, if there is no testing, simply fixed time is not feasible, because there is no guarantee that they are "normal use".
    3. In European and American countries, protective obedience begins to be issued to users and is tested once or twice a year by designated departments. But in China, limited to the national conditions, there is no designated department to test the protective clothing in use, requiring hospitals or individuals to test themselves.
    The first thing to do is to see if there is no breakage, such as cracks, holes, creases and so on. Then touch and touch whether there are any protrusion, fissures or internal separation in protective clothing. Finally, if you find any abnormalities or doubts, you can see through the X-ray perspective. The protection area is dark, and damaged and seams can be seen bright.